Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Baking Hamantaschen Purim 2009

This year, although I have no children at home, I felt like making Hamantaschen just for myself. As I am allergic to eggs, and as I did not want to use my usual recipe, adapted for the classroom when I was teaching at a Jewish Day School, I decided to search the web. This exercise brought up so many interesting sites, that before I knew it, I had forgotten about the Hamantaschen and had spent two very happy hours reading all sorts of other interesting items, such as how to make money from home and where to order beautiful wigs, a subject of my longing, but that’s another story altogether.

To return to the recipies. Here I was also distracted, as I scrolled through hundreds of kosher recipies for everything from bagels to Latkes. It seemed unbelievable that so few were egg free. At last I remembered my quest for hamantashen and eventually found an egg free one, using filo dough. It turned out to be very easy and quite delicious. I experimented with various fillings. My favourite being ground walnuts mixed with apricot jam. The recipe, however, makes 6 – 8 dozen! After the first tray, I began to make them bigger and in the end, had about 4 dozen, but even that was a bit much for one dieting granny. After 5 or 6 of the small ones, I had satisfied my craving and had thought through all my memories of “Purims” past and present. So I packed them up and delivered the lot to an old aged home nearby. They were delightfully sticky and I drove home humming, with the image of the oldies happily licking their fingers and smacking their lips!

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