Friday, 7 August 2009

Snow Sculptures

Snow, as it settles, can give a beautiful effect to the landscape. The image above with the sunlight peeping above the trees, on its own is a stunning image. Did you think snow can become even more beautiful?

Sculpture is a medium of art that one usually associates with marble, wood or another form of stone. In more recent years, man discovered that other solid materials can also be used to form sculptures. Hence the incredible effects using butter, sand and more.

Making sculptures out of snow originated in Mandschu. In 1963 the first exhibition was held and in 1985, an annual festival began. This has developed to become a mass event attracting tourists from around the world.

Each team is given a snow block of 3 x 3 meters. Here we see these snow blocks being prepared.

Take a look at the incredible effects possible with snow. Since the temperatures remain below freezing for half of the year, these sculptures are able to last for quite some time.

Incredible to see the buildings created out of snow.
Gives a new meaning to the igloo.

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