Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Children's Book Corner, With Photographs - Part 1

Some readers have been searching for images of children's book corners. In this post we will start to give some thoughts with a few images. We hope to photograph a few other book corners too, so as to provide a little more variety and ideas for parents.

The images below are not placed in any special order.

This photo shows a boy who is already old enough to sit at a table on his own and enjoy looking through a book without supervision or assistance. Notice the enjoyment on his face and obvious concentration in whatever the topic of the book is. Behind him you see two shelves of books.

This could be a book corner or library at school, at a local library, or if his parents are well organized, even at home.

It looks as though the table top is raised slightly to assist him to look more easily. Since we obtained this image from microsofts free images, it is not easy to know for certain.

The next photo shows two boys sharing a book together. They look as though they are enjoying both the company and the book. It could be that a bookcorner is next to them, however not as easy to see in this photo.

What the photo does suggest is the importance of offering smaller children a table and chairs for them to sit at while looking at a book. Preferable table and chairs the correct height so that when they sit down, their feet can reach the ground. This frees children's energy from being busy about their position at the table to being able to concentrate on the book they are reading or looking at.

This photograph shows a father holding his child to show her a book. This could be in a library or next to the parents' bookshelves. Either way, it is another way to help children to realize the importance of books not only for them, but for the whole family. In this way, we can begin to help children to appreciate the value of books and why they should be treated and handled with care.

This photograph is just for fun, to show that a book corner can even be a collection of precious books tied up with a bow. In this image they are high up for the child. The child's own books should be within their reach.

This cute photo shows a little girl, enjoying a book, seated in a chair just right for a child. The chair is positioned in front of her book corner. This is an ideal set up for a child.

It seems from the photo that the child has already learned to appreciate books and is looking with care, her finger pointing or tracing hovers a little above the page.

Remember, when children look at books, it is good practice to teach them to always wash their hands prior to sitting down to look at a book, even their very own books.

We hope to put up some more photo's on this topic soon. In the meantime, if you have questions regarding reading skills either from an experienced teachers perspective or an occupational therapists, please either post a comment or email us.

Enjoy reading with your children.

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