Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Visit to Stellenberg Gardens

           Above image is not of the Gardens mentioned in the article

Visit to the Beautiful Stellenberg Gardens – 
Sunday 6th November 2011

These tranquil gardens were open to the public on Saturday and Sunday last week. As I buy most of my plants from their nursery and because Caroline Magowen, who is now their head gardener, helped me sort out my little garden when I moved in here 11 years ago, I decided to pay them a visit. These gardens, about a kilometer from my home and almost next door to a house owned by my father’s brother, Edgar, in the ‘70’s, have always been a favourite spot of mine.

We were blessed with a glorious sunny day after a week of inclement weather.  I strolled through the ten different sections of the gardens and although there were many other people doing the same thing, I was filled with peace.  It was in fact, like walking through a stately “home” with the many rooms divided by neatly trimmed hedges and some walls; with water features and majestic trees including many old oaks.  There was a pathway of green moss, running between some graceful trees, in one section, definitely the home of fairies! The lawns were so lush and soft that, had I been younger, I might just have rolled down one of the banks, so inviting were those slopes!

The “Medieval Garden” is actually a most interesting vegetable garden with four sections and a fountain in the middle. Companion vegetables and herbs are laid out in rows, some straight others diagonal, and there are fruit trees as well, all looking lush and healthy, much of it ready for picking.

I especially enjoyed the “Garden of Reflection” which is planted in various shades of green, with a hint of blue and three “black” ponds made of slate, in which the water was so still the surrounding trees were perfectly mirrored.    As I walked slowly, deep in thought, I suddenly found myself at the entrance to the “Cherry Walk” and the trees there were heavy with the most beautiful clusters of pink and white blossom. What a sight!

I could have spent the whole day there, but unfortunately, I had other commitments. I will look forward to a return visit next time they open the gardens to the public.
Rosemary, wearing my gardening hat this time!

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