Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Learning to Spell

I was talking to a client yesterday and she mentioned that in the U.K. there is a move in schools to potentially stop teaching spelling. Just imagine no spelling rules! Or if there are any our children will not know what they are, running the risk of the rules being lost. 

I took a moment to think of a world without spelling and wondered if we would manage to communicate effectively via the written word. I thought of an issue that arose when I was seeking some guidance from a copy righter and the small business organization provided a copywriter.

There is a distinct difference in skills and role between the two. Yes write and right sound the same but the meaning is very different.

What are your thoughts of education that eliminates writing and eliminates spelling. Two basics of the old school of thought. What will be left as the building blocks for teaching children how to communicate and how to learn? What will our future look like?

Do you have any thoughts? Do you think the concept is a good one or a problem one and why?

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