Thursday, 12 March 2015


Have you considered self-publishing a book?

Most of the books by R.A. Kahn were published through recognized publishing companies. The book "Why Unicorns Eat Lavender" was the first one to be self-published. The book "Relationships" was the first teenage novel and was self-published on CreateSpace.

Self-publishing is an amazing learning curve. Of course one has to begin with writing the book, editing, formatting, preparing the cover and so forth. However, once the book is ready to make available for sale, another aspect takes over, that of marketing and promotion. Some prefer the marketing to begin once the book is launched, some begin even before the final copy is ready to be printed and the book goes up on Amazon

There is so much that goes into effective marketing and promotion. It is not just a case of having one's book ready and creating a book launch. Do you know about Beta Readers, virtual book tours, book awards, creating a buzz for your book and book reviews? Each of these topics requires research to ensure that one understands the process and how to go about arranging your own.

Where do you begin? You can always do a google search and hope you find the most appropriate articles, blogs and resources. Joining some writers groups and forums is very beneficial. In addition to reading comments and questions posted, so ask questions and listen to the range of answers. 

As we progress along this process, we hope to begin sharing the resources that we have found to be most useful. 

If you are interested in the world of self-publishing or in the books of R.A. Kahn or both, do sign up for our newsletter, by sending in your email and a request to join. Or, post a comment or question at the bottom of this post and we'll do our best to answer it or research to find the answer or share a link to a resource that can assist.


  1. Hi Shoshanah
    Very nice blog page. I'm interested in self publishing. Message me.

  2. Hi Miriam

    Thank you for enjoying this blog page. Most of this page is about my mothers books. I helped her with her most recent book which we self-published. Thank you for your interest in self-publishing.

    I'd be happy to be in touch. Can you send me your email address, I am not sure if I have it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you




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