Friday, 21 October 2016

Book Review of Relationships by R.A. Kahn

I am very happy to share a review posted on Amazon UK for the teenage novel "Relationships" by R.A. Kahn.

"Rosemary Kahn has written an excellent book on teenage relationships; interaction between peers and parent involvement. Making it read like a story, introducing issues common to teenagers today - relationships, jealousy, romance, careers and the future - the story provides the problem and the narrative = sensitively deals with solutions. In this day and age where everything is a now event dictated by iphone interaction, the various issues relating to teenagers tend to be misinterpreted or solutions to problems are not discussed. This book takes us back to the realities of life and how to identify your own issues with those of the characters." (Amazon Customer)

I hope you have found it useful. The book is available on many major websites that sell books. If you have a teenage daughter, friend or relative, why not purchase this book as a gift for her? Remember, if you have enjoyed the book, do stop by and share your review too. 

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