Monday, 25 July 2011

Keeping your figure

"If you want to keep your figure, dear," said my Piano Tuner's mother, who lived round the corner, "don't ever stop skipping!" Well somewhere along the line I did, (stop skipping) and my figure suffered. We moved house and with all the stresses and diversions a move like that brings, my rope was never found - that is, until about a week ago!
I was searching in my children's game box which had been carefully packed away for over 30 years, (the contents of which was hopefully to be enjoyed one day by any future grandchildren I might have.) I wanted to send my grand daughter, who lives with her family in Australia, a certain game I had been telling her about. As I lifted out each box, I could clearly picture my own family, years ago, sitting round a table or on the floor, usually shrieking with laughter ( or sometimes sulking), as we played first the easier games, like "Snakes & Ladders" or "Ludo", (remember them? ), and then of course "Monopoly"; "Rich Uncle" or "WHOT"., to mention but a few.

At the very bottom of the box, when the last jig saw puzzle had been unpacked, lay my old rope, with its lovely wooden handles. Yay, yay and double yay!

Guess who is skipping her heart out every day on the lawn, in preparation for summer? MOI, and I am loving it!  

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