Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sighting Space Shuttle Atlantis on her final voyage.

I happened to turn on the radio in time to catch the announcer reading out the exact time and place to view this exciting event, on Tuesday night, 19th July. I remembered the hype when this space shuttle was first launched, and determined to watch its final voyage and wave goodbye!

It was a clear dark night in Cape Town, not a speck of cloud about anywhere. A few stars were visible as I went outside, with my Dad's old binoculars, just after 7.00 p.m. At exactly 7.08, as announced, a bright light appeared to the west, just over the tip of Table Mountain and I was able to follow it for at least 3 minutes as it moved towards the east, trailed by another equally bright object. For some reason, I was really excited! As it disappeared from sight, I waited a few more minutes, thrilled to have witnessed this special event!

Below we include for you, video clips of:
1) The final take off of Space Shuttle Atlantis

2) A sighting of Space Shuttle Atlantis as seen from an aeroplane

3) Some thought provoking background into why this important work is coming to an end and the implications to others of this final event.

P.S.. Space Shuttle Atlantis has just touched down safely in Florida USA, (at 12 noon RSA time, 21 July 2011)  closing the chapter of 30 years of successful space travel - I think that is amazing!
Well done to all concerned!

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