Friday, 7 November 2014

We're back

Have you ever read the book "Where's Wally?" It's a fun children's picture book with all kinds of scenes of lots of people and you have to find the missing Wally.

You might be wondering to yourself, what happened to this blog? Where is our author? Why have there been no updates?

Well, Rosemary's Book Corner is still happening, it just took a vacation. Our lovely author has recently returned from a trip to Australia. While she was there, a favourite place to visit was the library. The library has regular book talks, reviews, tea morning for pensioners. Sounds like a special place to spend some quiet time.

We are excited to say that 3 libraries in Australia have shown interest in her teenage novel, Relationships. There are a few schools in Cape Town who have also shown interest in this lovely book for their library. Interestingly, the libraries don’t seem to have a budget. If you would like to sponsor this book going into one of these libraries, either in Australia or Cape Town, South Africa, do be in touch.

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