Sunday, 30 November 2014

Where Do You Learn About Relationships?

Ever consider how we develop relationships? How do we know who to interact with and when it is better to keep our distance? Where do we learn about relationships?

When we talk about relationships, many think of a romantic interaction or relationship. In truth, there are many kinds of relationships. Relationships with family members i.e. relationships with our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. Relationships with friends. Relationships with teachers or coaches (e.g. a sports coach). These are usually the start to our developing relationships. As we grow, develop and age, the different types of relationships and demands placed upon us increases.

So where do you learn about relationships? 

We can learn at home, especially when we have a warm, loving family. We learn at school. We learn through social media, movies etc and we learn through books.

If you are a teenager or have a child or friend you would like to give a book to that touches on important concepts related to the topic of relationships, the latest book by R.A. Kahn offers information on this topic. The book "Relationships" is a novel written about teens for teens. In the novel the author outlines a number of different types of relationships and uses the novel to teach some important values and concepts to help teens to learn for themselves what constitutes a healthy relationship and when it can be problematic. The book touches on some life problems experienced by a character in the book and offers ideas as to how to assist her. There is also much food for thought or to discuss on how the characters could have potential lessened the load of a student at their school if only they had enough information to explain her unusual behaviour. Issues of communication, trust, honesty and respect are all touched on. 

Being in story format, it is easy to hear the ideas provided and to work with them so as to develop the information you require to assist in your social skills.

Interested in the book? It is available on  

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