Wednesday 2 March 2011

Favourite words

Every morning after my prayers and meditation, I choose my favourtie word for the day. That's one of the luxuries of being retired. One has a little extra time to spare! 

Yesterday I chose "rattletrap" because unfortunately, we seem to have more and more of them on our roads, here in the Western Cape.

Today's word is "dab". It is such a cute little word with quite a few meanings. As a teacher of young children, I was often fascinated by the way some of them would dab colour onto their painting paper - it is such a rhythmical word, isn't it? 

My children might remember that this is not a new pastime for me - I can remember us laughing at words like "elbow" and windowsill" ; "grouch" and "hackles"; "nub" and "moggy". Sometimes we would select our word for the day by the word that sounded the funniest, most obscure or unusual.

I wonder if there is a word for playing this game and if any of you out there also do this?

If not, why don't you start today? It's just a bit of fun to relieve the tension of our busy lives, as we rush to complete our tasks each day.



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