Sunday 1 January 2017

When the Past Provides Inspiration.

Are you from the time period that enjoyed to watch "The Sound of Music"? The "Sound of Music" was a family favourite in our family. We saw it on the big screen, purchased the record - remember those? We would listen to the songs for hours on end and practice many of the songs. Some of us would even practice some of the dances that went with them. That famous twirl being one of them.

Finding joy and incorporating joy into your life has become rather popular in recent times, but it's not a new idea! Julie Andrews sang many a song that helped one to internalize just how important joy is and gave us wonderful clues as to where joy can be found.

"The hills are alive, with the sound of music..." A famous start to one of the songs of this musical but it is so much more than a song. When one has joy in your heart, you can literally hear music wherever you are, especially when out in nature. The truth is, if you do not feel joy in your heart, by spending time in nature and listening to the wonderful silent sounds of nature you can begin to hear that music that Julie Andrews spoke of and if you will let it, the music will fill your heart with joy. So it really works both ways.

I was about to do a little research for a project we are working on when I stumbled upon this wonderful video. 50 years after the production of "The Sound of Music" Julie Andrews re-visits the places where most of the scenes were filmed and provides some wonderful behind the scenes insight into the story behind this special film.

If you have not seen the film or if it has been years since you have, do yourself a favour and look up the old movie "The Sound of Music". For those familiar with the film, take a break and enjoy learning a little of the story behind this film. Let the songs fill you with joy and inspiration for the week ahead.


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