Tuesday 29 May 2012

Promotion of Book - Relationships by R.A. Kahn

If you enjoy Pinterest, here is a great pinboard of Books Worth Reading. On it, you will find the NEW book by R.A. Kahn, "Relationships". http://pinterest.com/eagibbs/books-worth-reading/

"Relationships" by R.A. Kahn is now available on Amazon too

We are waiting for a book review to go up. How exciting, we look forward to sharing the link and relevant info.

Have you heard about this wonderful NEW Teen Novel? If you have, do stop by and let us now your feedback. 

If you are new to this blog, or just hearing about the latest book release, follow the links, check out the new book and remember to let us know your feedback.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Progress, Progress, Read ALL about it

Relationships by R.A. Kahn has been out for about 2 days now. Already we have a comment from a friend who just heard about it.

"Thanks – sure Michelle (my daughter) will enjoy!"

While another friend sent a message: "I hear a mazal tov is due. Hatzlacha with your new book. :)"

The message is getting out, people are starting to look.  

It's real, it's exciting and we're happy to share the progress.

Come and take a look, order your copy and enjoy. It's the first in the series. It's all about relationships and a really great book. 

NEW Book by R.A. Kahn

 BlogPost written by Zanado

After writing and publishing about 13 children's books, some of which are found on this blog, R.A. Kahn has come out with a novel for teenagers. The image above shows a copy of the book as placed on a bookstand. 

I've read the book about 10 times, hence the image above shows that the book has been enjoyed and has been read. 

I can quite honestly say the book is just as exciting and enjoyable after read number 10 as it was the first time round. It is a gripping story that will take the reader through all kinds of emotions and teaches a miriad of lessons on many levels.

The book is now available on the following link  Relationships by R.A. Kahn

The book Relationships by R.A. Kahn will be coming onto Amazon.com by the end of this week and into bookstores and libraries.

It is Absoultely NEW! Just been released. If you visit the above link you might be the very FIRST to purchase your copy.

Enjoy and do come back to let us know your feedback.

Remember, this book is the first of a series so keep a look out for the next book of this series. 


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