Tuesday 27 January 2009

Why Unicorns Eat Lavender by Rosemary Kahn

This is the most recent book, published by Rosemary Kahn.

Children always wonder about the Unicorn. Did it go into Noah’s Ark. Did it exist? What does it eat? If there was ever a Unicorn, why don’t we see them today?

Children also love fairy tale stories, something that touches the imagination.

As the book begins:

"Down through all the years of many long centuries, a secret has been kept.

Can you keep a secret?

I hope so, for if you can, it is one so beautiful that it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It will fill you with a wonderful feeling that has perhaps, up until this time, belonged only to the UNICORNS.

So listen carefully now…"

The book is 24 pages, soft cover, A4 sized, presented on glossy paper, with attractive print and has been published by Viking Printers cc. It was launched on 2nd of November and is a MUST for anyone who loves Children’s Picture Books. The book has been illustrated by Annie Pigott using paintings on silk. The silk paintings and child-like technique of the artwork was used intentionally to give a dreamy appearance and feel to enhance the fantasy of the book.

If you enjoy fantasy, fairy tales and especially if you love unicorns, then don’t miss this opportunity. The story is the type one wants to keep re-reading - your children will be captivated, enthralled and will LOVE it.

Just 500 copies were printed in November 2008 and there are ONLY 350 copies left so hurry along to get your copy and find out what the intriguing secret is as to “Why Unicorns Eat Lavender.”



Monday 19 January 2009

Various Book Reviews of Grandma's Hat by Rosemary Kahn

Here are a number of Book Reviews written about Grandma's Hat when the first publication came out. As mentioned, the book has been printed twice already and is due to be printed a third time.

The Argus (A Cape Town Newspaper)- Dec.1989
Grandma's Hat by Rosemary Kahn, illustrated by Terry Milne.
No one could tell stories like Grandma, especially those about her childhood in the Karoo. She tells of her Sunday best clothes which included a hat - the ugliest hat she had ever seen -and how she lost it. She gets a beautiful replacement and once again comes across the old one, now serving a useful purpose. A gentle story of a time gone by.

FAIR LADY Magazine
Grandma's Hat by Rosemary Kahn - A gentle, humorous story about a little girl and a dreadful hat, set in bygone days in the De Aar district. Lyrically illustrated by Terry Milne.

Grandma's Hat by Rosemary Kahn - thoroughly captivating! - Marina le Roux - ISKEMUS

Cape Times - Joan Shaper Cohen
Wallow delightedly in whimsical, witty words. Grandma's Hat by Rosemary Kahn seems to spring from deep emotions and recollections of childhood as Grandma tells her grandchildren the simple, real story of an episode of her life as a young girl living in a small Karoo town.

Sunday 18 January 2009

Book Review of Grandma's Hat by Rosemary Kahn - Review written by Kirkus Reviews

From Kirkus Reviews

In a book from South Africa, Grandma tells a favorite story about her childhood, when hats were obligatory on Sunday. Her mother had bought her a particularly ugly hat--''it looked just like a potty turned upside down'' and was ``a horrible yellowy- mustard color.'' Fortunately, the family car was a convertible, and Grandma managed to let the hated hat blow away. Her mama was upset, but Papa proved to be silently sympathetic. Later, after the hat was rediscovered on a friend's scarecrow, the whole family joined in the merriment when Papa said, ``no bird would dare come near that dreadful hat!'' It's good to have such a warm family story from a country whose books are rarely represented here. In soft pencil and watercolor, Milne's art nicely evokes the setting in its many details, including Papa's general store (where the book's one black, a wistful-looking child, is seen from the back) and the flat, dusty landscape and utilitarian homes of the Karoo. (Picture book. 3-8) -- Copyright ©1991, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved

Naomi's Tonsils by Rosemary Kahn

Having ones tonsils removed is a relatively common procedure for children. Going to hospital is not a pleasant event and may bring up many fears, especially for a child.

In order to ease the process, Rosemary Kahn has written a book, entitled Naomi's tonsils to help explain to children what to expect. To verify any medical facts that are relevant to the book, Rosemary Kahn interviewed Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Dr Paul Crossland who practises from the Vincent Palotti Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. The book is written in easy English to enable those children who are able to read, to read the book for themselves.

Naomi's Tonsils is illustrated by Ian Lusted and has been published by Jutas as one of their "Star Story Books".

Thursday 15 January 2009

Grandma's Hat by Rosemary Kahn

When you were little, didn't you just love to hear stories of what your parents did when they were young. To a little child the concept of age and the fact that their parents were once children is a hard one to grasp.

What about stories from the childhood of your grandparents? For those of us lucky enough to have met our grandparents and even more so to have spent time with them, hearing funny stories about when they were small has a certain specialness to it. There really are no words to the bond that forms between grandparents and grandchildren and the sharing of stories is a wonderful way to solidify this bond.

The first published book written by Rosemary Kahn came to provide exactly such a wonderful gift. Grandma's Hat is one of my favourite children's picture books.

Did you know that the book is based in part on a true story? The Granny in the story actually did have an experience with a hat all the way back in her childhood. This book has a fun twist to it, an ending that takes us by surprise and leaves us giggling.

Grandma's Hat was first published concurrently by Songololo Books, (at that time) the children's division of David Philip Publishers in South Africa, Viking Kestrel in USA and Walker Books in UK. The book was also translated into Afrikaans by Human and Rousseau, the Afrikaans title being "Ouma se Hoed".

The book was so well received that it has already gone into is second printing and is probably due for its third. The book has been sold and enjoyed in Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It was studied as part of the children's literature course of UNISA, was used as a school reader in Botswana and has had an article written about it in the Journal of Commonwealth Literature.

Grandma's Hat has been sensitively illustrated by Terry Milne from photographs supplied to her by the author. The illustrations have a softness to them and a quality that captures the atmosphere of the Karoo and leaves one feeling as though you have stepped into the past, into the life of Grandma as a little girl.

If you have children, this book is a must read. It has a very special quality to it and will be a wonderful addition to your collection of children's books

Tuesday 13 January 2009

Rolling Out The Red Carpet - Introducing Rosemary Kahn

It is with great honour that I come to introduce to you Rosemary's Book Corner. Rosemary Kahn is a very talented teacher with many years of experience. It just so happens that she was my very first teacher and still remains the best teacher that I have. Intermingled in her teaching, Rosemary would bring stories, poems all manner of ideas of her own creation. Whether it be a poster, a competition, a project, Rosemary would apply her wonderful creative skills to make each lesson that she taught fun, exciting and an adventure.

As children our own rooms would have beautifully painted murals. With thought, care and great devotion, Rosemary provided her daughters with a hand painted mural. The theme varied according to their interests and age but each mural was filled with colours and details that offered hours of enjoyment just looking at the mural. As mentioned, Rosemary loves to offer her ideas or illustrate something she is teaching through a story or poem.

Many of us have family members who threaten that one day they will write a book. We too heard of a desire to have these stories in print, but it was a mutual desire. As much as Rosemary spoke of one day being published, so we encouraged and urged her to do so.

One day in the 1980's this dream began to become reality. A story heard often in our home was finally becoming a book. With fascination we watched as ideas for illustrations were provided. Next came the galley prints. So many phases to a story becoming a book. Then all of a sudden it was no longer a distant dream. We were on our way to a book launch and so the first book was born. Grandma's Hat is a delightful story set in De Aar a small town in the Karoo area of South Africa.

On this blog we will introduce you to the books written by Rosemary Kahn. Each book written by Rosemary Kahn has been written with love, care and her own talent in English Literature.

If you would like further information either of where to purchase a book or the next book coming out or you wish to publish a Children's Book written by Rosemary Kahn, please do email us. We love to hear feedback and we find it very exciting to help our children to benefit from quality children's books.

--- Shoshanah Shear

Monday 12 January 2009

If you Enjoy Reading With Your Child - Here Is A Real Treat!

If you are a parent, a teacher or someone who takes care of children, you will probably find that at some point you wish to help the child in your care to learn to read. It is usually quite natural to want to sit down with a child and read a story to help quieten down for the night, to teach something or just for pleasure.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from books and finding quality books for our children is not always easy. If your child is very active and restless, the story line needs to be particularly interesting in order to capture his/her attention. If you are working on improving the child's own reading skills, it will also be important to find books whose content in and of itself provides sufficient motivation for the child to want to master reading.

Whether you have a child who is struggling to read, a child with a reading disability, or a child who masters reading so quickly that you need to keep providing more reading material, you will find what you are looking for in the books written by Rosemary Kahn.

Whether you are tutoring reading, teaching reading or just reading with your child, these books are filled with such delightful stories that you will be left asking for the next book.

Rosemary Kahn is a highly experienced teacher with her own love of literature. Her vivid imagination and beautiful usage of English is ever present in her books written for children. Whether they are school readers or a children's picture book, each book is the kind one wants to keep on reading, re-reading and then reading again.

Rosemary Kahn's latest book can be purchased right here and delivered directly to your door. It is only $15 including the shipping.

Hurry along and get your copy today. There are a limited number of copies – you don’t want to be without when ALL the copies are sold.


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