Sunday 24 September 2017

Become a Part of Achieving a Goal

Have you ever been involved in helping others to achieve a goal? It's quite a fascinating process and very rewarding when the person achieves their goal. The first step is always to identify what is required in order to achieve the goal that has been set.

I have had a goal for years. Many years! It's hard to say whether it would be better described this as a goal or a dream. Let me explain. It was tremendously exciting to observe the process of my mother's first book coming into print. The day we received samples of illustrations was so incredible. We spread the images out on the table and analyzed them for ages. This was when we were certain that my mother's story was actually becoming a book.

When we received the hard cover picture book and were able to hold it in our hands, the excitement was tangible. It's an experience that is very difficult to put into words.

My belief in my mother's writing and love of her work began long before that first book came into print. You see, my mother was a teacher for some 25 years. I had the joy of being one of her students at all of 2 years old.

When I moved to another school and up in the ladder of classes, I had the privilege of watching my mother prepare her lessons. She did so with such love and dedication. My favourite was when she asked me to listed to a poem, story or competition that she had prepared to help to illustrate a subject or theme that they were working on. In some ways I was the Guinea pig as I  listened to each story before the class did. However, while I listened to each item, my appreciation for my mother's writing grew and a dream began to develop.

My dream is to see my mother's books come to print. I am fortunate that my dream is in keeping with my mother's goals and dreams too. My mother has at least 20 manuscripts that need to come to print. There is a lot I can do to help her, however, we need funds for purchasing:
  • The adobe creative suite so as to prepare the stories in the best possible way. Indesign has all kids of wonderful options to prepare the layout that is just not available in a Word document. 
  • Most of the stories require illustrations. Although I can do some of the illustrations, there are some that we need to outsource and this requires funding.
  • There are many other expenses involved with purchasing the ISBN number, applying for copyright and then marketing the books effectively.

I am extremely excited to announce that you can help to make this dream a reality. You can be a part of enabling quality children's picture books to transition from manuscript to published book. We have a set up a crowd fundraiser campaign. The target is very low for 20 books, but we hope that by starting the ball rolling, so to speak, that interest will increase. Of course, once we have one or more of the books out, then sales of the books might help to enable further books to come into being.

Please join us in this exciting process. If you enjoy to help others to achieve their goals, you will definitely love this process.


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