Tuesday 19 June 2012

Calling All Children

Hello Children ... come and listen!

We have such a special story for you. 

Do you like books? Do you like stories? 

Well dear children, can any of you keep a secret?

You can


Would you like to learn about the most unusual love story and what this has to do with unicorns?

How wonderful. Well we have just the book for you. It is a delightful story, its a bit of a mystery, a lot of a fantasy. Its a very special story and it contains a secret. Yes, you heard that right, it contains a secret.

Well now, you can only read it or listen to the story if you know how to keep a secret. If you really can, then how about asking your Mommy and Daddy to buy a copy of this special story.

There are only 45 copies left. Do you know how many that is?

Well, if you really want to read the story, you can only obtain a copy while these few copies are still in stock. It will soon be going out of print and you don't want to miss out on finding out what transpires in this beautiful book.

Guess what? We have a very special surprise. The 18th buyer will receive either a major discount or the book absolutely free. Which will it be? We'll let you all know when the 18th book is ordered.

That does not mean you can all sit back and wait, we just might have another special along the way.



Tuesday 5 June 2012

Message from the Author - R.A. Kahn

  Photographed by Shear Success Photographers. 

Message from the Author, R.A. Kahn:

" Remember these?  
  They were fun to write and hopefully have brought joy to
   children reading them."

Do let us know how you have enjoyed these books. 
Leave a comment or a message for the author.


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