Tuesday 13 January 2009

Rolling Out The Red Carpet - Introducing Rosemary Kahn

It is with great honour that I come to introduce to you Rosemary's Book Corner. Rosemary Kahn is a very talented teacher with many years of experience. It just so happens that she was my very first teacher and still remains the best teacher that I have. Intermingled in her teaching, Rosemary would bring stories, poems all manner of ideas of her own creation. Whether it be a poster, a competition, a project, Rosemary would apply her wonderful creative skills to make each lesson that she taught fun, exciting and an adventure.

As children our own rooms would have beautifully painted murals. With thought, care and great devotion, Rosemary provided her daughters with a hand painted mural. The theme varied according to their interests and age but each mural was filled with colours and details that offered hours of enjoyment just looking at the mural. As mentioned, Rosemary loves to offer her ideas or illustrate something she is teaching through a story or poem.

Many of us have family members who threaten that one day they will write a book. We too heard of a desire to have these stories in print, but it was a mutual desire. As much as Rosemary spoke of one day being published, so we encouraged and urged her to do so.

One day in the 1980's this dream began to become reality. A story heard often in our home was finally becoming a book. With fascination we watched as ideas for illustrations were provided. Next came the galley prints. So many phases to a story becoming a book. Then all of a sudden it was no longer a distant dream. We were on our way to a book launch and so the first book was born. Grandma's Hat is a delightful story set in De Aar a small town in the Karoo area of South Africa.

On this blog we will introduce you to the books written by Rosemary Kahn. Each book written by Rosemary Kahn has been written with love, care and her own talent in English Literature.

If you would like further information either of where to purchase a book or the next book coming out or you wish to publish a Children's Book written by Rosemary Kahn, please do email us. We love to hear feedback and we find it very exciting to help our children to benefit from quality children's books.

--- Shoshanah Shear

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