Monday 21 November 2016

Interview with John P Curtin Jr

It is always a pleasure to find a parent working with his / her child. In this case we have a father and son team. Join us for an interview with John P Curtin Jr of Brick Yard Publishing.

1) When did you decide to write and illustrate children's books together?
Back in high school, in order to graduate, I needed to complete a senior project. I have always loved art and business, but I did not know what to do. So, I asked my dad for some help. He suggested starting a publishing business and creating my own children’s books. He said he would help set up the business and be my partner. I was surprised at first, but then I thought about it some more and said why not?  I always liked writing stories and drawing characters. My dad is an accountant and lawyer. He also likes to write stories as well. So, we did it.

How did this come about or what inspired you to join forces and work on writing and illustrating children's books?
After the project was over, we decided that we really enjoyed working together. We were also very proud of the book we created, Rhio Saves the Big Day! We have since published a second book, Rhio Saves the Big Project!. We are currently working on a third book. 

What inspired you to write a series of adventure stories with your four characters? 
Once I started drawing different characters and thinking about a rough story, Rhio, Liam, Joey, and Carrot began to come to life for me. I drew many different characters, but really came to like these four best. I am drawn to each one of them. I hope we can continue to write stories in depth about all of them.          

Can you tell us about how you decided to begin your own publishing company?

As I mentioned earlier, my dad is an accountant and lawyer. He thought it would be the prudent thing to do.  We formed an LLC, which provides us with greater flexibility, if we decide to expand down the road. It also affords us certain legal protections.

Do you have thoughts of writing other books or is this series your focus?

Right now the Rhio and Friend’s™ series is our main focus, but we plan to offer a variety of books in the future.

Where are your books available for sale?

Our books are available on Amazon, in both print and kindle format. 

What kind of venues do you read the story to and what response are you receiving?

As of right now, I have read to over two thousand students, teachers, and parents at over thirty-five schools and public libraries. The response has been excellent, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I have a number of readings planned in the upcoming days and weeks.

The stories written and illustrated by John Curtin and his son John P Curtin Jr can be found on:

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